1. How can I get a small sample of any of the products you sell?

The products are expensive and they are; it is not cost effective for us to give out or sell in quantities other than the ones proposed on the web.

2. Can you make silicon oil in any viscosity?

Yes. As long as the viscosity is 5000 centistokes or smaller. Minimum purchase apply.

3. Can you provide a product with a specific purity?

Yes, depending on what we have in stock. Call us for availability.

4. Can you provide a certificate of analysis?


5. Can your products be used in medical implantation?

In the US, all of our products are not intended to be used in medical applications involving brief, temporary, or permanent implantation in human or animal body or for contact with internal body fluids or tissue.

6. What is the turnaround time?

Our handling time is usually 24 hours in most cases, unles the product is not in stock.

7. When should I expect my product?

We strive to get you the product in 4 to 5 days. If you wish a faster solution, please call us or email us.


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