Is Tradeline Medical Laboratory a US company?
Tradeline Medical Laboratory is a 100% US company, registered in the state of Texas.
Is Tradeline Medical Laboratory a manufacturing company?
Yes.  And all of its products are made in the United States.

Are your products FDA approved?
No. None of our products in FDA approved.  Therefore in the United states, our products are not intended for human or animal implantation.

Can you manufacture medical Silicon Oil in any viscosity?
Yes. We manufactured Silicon oil from 5cSt to 5700cSt.  For certain products. Minimum order apply. 

Do your price quotes include all charges and fees?
No.  The prices we quote DO NOT include, taxes, custom charges, or shipping cost.
Please contact our office to learn more about your total cost.
Please, make sure you state the subject of your inquiry in the subject tab.

Is there a minimum order requirement?
For products we stock, no; there is minimum order
But for products we do not stock, minimum orders apply.
Feel free to contact our office for price quotes.

What is your policy on distributorship?
We receive many requests for information on distributorship.  To become distributor for our products in your country. in addition to the administrative procedure, your company must purchase a yearly minimum of 1000 vials of each product.

- 1,000 vials of silicon oil products

- 1,000 vials of perfluorocarbon products

- 1,000 vials (combination of silicon oil/perfluorocarbons)

- 1,000 vials of of Green Indocyanine products

- 10,000 Trypan Blue products.

Contact sales for more information.

What method of communication do you prefer?
Email.  But you can always call.

What is your private label policy?
Tradeline Medical Laboratory works with other companies on private labeling.  Contact sales office for details.     

What manufacturing standards does your lab comply with?
Contact our office for a list of these products.

What type of shipping is used?
We use a variety of door-to-door carriers such as:FedEx, DHL and UPS; and non-door-to-door such as USPS (United States Postal Services

Does your company ship anywhere in the world?
We ships products anywhere in the world.  Shipping costs are not included in the products price.

Country Regulations: It is the responsibility of the customer to find out the necessary regulation pertinent to the products you want to order.
Customs: It is the responsibility of the customer to pay customs charges.

For more information of additional products long on to the following websites:



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